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On this Mother’s Day weekend…

Posted on: May 7, 2010

Take some time this weekend to forget about dating. Your love life is very important, but block out a minute, an hour, or a day this weekend to recognize that there is love all around you.

There are people in my life that may play a small role but have a huge impact on the quality of my day, my week, and my life. For example, the FedEx man who genuinely cares how my day is going, the pharmacist that sells me my birth control that always makes me laugh, the barrista at the Starbucks drive through that calls me sweetheart at 5:30 in the morning, the lady who works down the hall who is one of the few people in LA who says How Are You? to someone they don’t know, the little man who does my nails who said he would share his $260 million lotto winnings with me. All these people bring a smile to my face and a lift to my spirit and they probably don’t even know it.

It is also important to appreciate those individuals that play a large role in your life…. My best friend that I complain to over and over about the same things but never loses his zeal to listen and support me. My roommate that never fails to make me laugh in creative ways while also being the angel on my shoulder telling me not to date that loser even though he’s hot or eat that extra slice of pizza when I want to look good in a bikini. My wild friends who keep me on my toes and teach me new things everyday. My coworkers that consistently make inappropriate comments and make the office feel less like work. My little cousin who is more mature then me and teaches me to stay optimistic because everything happens for a reason. And of course, my mother who is the foundation of who I am and why there is so much love in my life.

Thank you all for sharing your love with me. I hope you all take some time this weekend (and everyday) to acknowledge the people that add flavor and sweetness to your life. By the same token, take some time to share your love with the grocery store clerk that has been standing all day, the homeless man on the street corner, the bartender that has to deal with drunk people all night, and all of your friends and family.

Have a great weekend!


Miss Cleo


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