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Posted on: May 19, 2010


I just realized that I am tired of dating! For a couple days, part of me felt like I was letting all my amazing readers down by my lack of dating motivation. I tried convincing myself to continue dating experiments and research for the sake of the blog until I had a revelation. Getting burnt out from dating is normal and denying that would be fake! If I wanted to be fake I would get a boob job (if you saw me you’d know why :p). So readers, I, Cleopatra, will admit that I am tired of dating.

Diagnosis: Why is this so? As I do believe any single guy or gal should constantly feed their dating funnel with new prospects, balancing an extremely active dating life while also striving to live the life of a well-rounded, goal-oriented individual is tiring. No doubt. Lately I have been choosing to spend time relaxing with good friends rather then dating. I know there is no shame in doing so, but I want to know why I had this sudden change of heart. Thus, I brainstormed some reasons:

1. Miami- On my recent vacation I was swept away by the likes of some native Spaniards and Argentinians that just can’t seem to compare to my usual unexotic dating pool. These men were immediately passionate and not remotely afraid to tell you how beautiful you are and exactly how they feel about you. It’s definitely an all-out effort. Although LA is a city of racial diversity, the Latin men of Miami were much more creative and willing to devote their heart to a woman then any LA man I have met. I am still contemplating packing up and moving cross country… who’s with me??

2. Boring men- too many good looking men are boring and unable to hold a conversation. I want to date someone creative that opens my eyes to new ideas and can teach me things on a regular basis. Do you remember “Wasabi” from my previous post? Well, we had a couple dates since our first and I gradually found myself tuning him out. His tan skin, high cheek bones, broad shoulders, and cut muscles became insufficient at compensating for his inability to catch on to jokes, dull conversational topics such as his parents and the dodgers, and texts saying, “oh i’m not doing much, just chilling at the apartment.” I think my experiences with these types of meat-heads are conditioning me to numb my brain whenever I see a good looking man. UGH! Even after we had a few drinks at my apartment I still made him sleep on the couch!

My friends are way more fun; it is no wonder why I would rather spend time with them. For example, look at what my coworker shared with me! This is a real Japanese, anti-rape invention:

3. Open Relationships- I also recently realized that I am unintentionally in an open relationship. Oops! Typical situation of an LA guy with great boyfriend potential except for a minor detail- inability to put forth effort into a committed relationship. I will stop there for now since this is a blog post and not a novel (yet).

However, a woman I know who was married for over 20 years was recently separated from her husband. Before you saw “aww,” let me explain why she describes it as a blessing. As a young bride she was quick to assume the roles of girlfriend then wife and then mother. She did not stop to take the time to truly figure out who she is, what hobbies she enjoys, what her aspirations are, and what aspects of her life are most important. Although being married and making a family was an amazing time in her life, she is loving life now that she gets to live for herself. As with every moment in life, it is not what happens to you that is important, it is how you chose to look at each event that makes the difference. So maybe this open relationship will force to me shift my focus on finding someone to be with and instead, help me to find myself. Optimism is good right?

4. Clingyness- WOW! So this week a guy I have NEVER (and I literally mean NEVER) talked to before is sending me facebook messages saying, “how can I make you mine” and “I need you here next to me” along with a bombardment of messages. Sweet for the first day but after 5 days in a row I am minutes away from throwing up the yogurt and granola I had for breakfast. And seriously, if I do not respond in 30 minutes why would is a message with “???” necessary?! Sorry but I do not know what else to do but stop responding (or be a b*tch). Right now I am avoiding the latter but I am not against using it if circumstances escalate.

5. Peer Pressure Dating- I am fine with peer pressure when it comes to things like working out, asking for a raise, calling your grandma, etc. I am NOT okay with peer pressure associated with a scrawny lifeguard trying to force you to go to a movie with him on a Monday night after working two jobs and being up since 5:15am. First of all, a movie is the most unoriginal date idea. Second, take a hint. If I say i’m super tired, that means i’m tired and/or I do not want to see you. Asking two or three more times will not help you. Just stop it.

So these are 5 reasons why I am getting tired of dating. There are probably more but I am too tired to think of them, haha. What are your theories?

However, on the bright side, a tan triathlete studying to be a doctor did invite me to go salsa dancing… so I may be on the dating bandwagon sooner then expected. Ole! In the meantime I may practice my bed dancing. Watch this video, it is so sexy!

Hugs and Kisses,



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