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Posted on: August 25, 2010

Since everyone needs to vent once in awhile…

I’m just over it. I feel too much and want too much. I am seldom satisfied; constantly thirsty for more. There just has to be more. More to this life of routine and loneliness. More than just waiting. Waiting to be successful. Waiting to fall in love. Waiting to grow old. Waiting to be happy. Does everyone feel this way? Or am I the only one who thinks that there has got to be more. More than filling up time with random tasks. More than distracting yourself from the complete boredom that consumes you. More than facing challenges and doing “what’s good in the long run.” Is there really a purpose to 40+ hours in an office? 10+ hours in traffic? Is the key just to make yourself numb? Numb to your dreams. What about the American Dream? Is that even real? And what is it anyway? I do not see equality. I do not see it possible for me to be or do whatever I dream. I do not see society treating all of my friends with equal respect. The American Dream must simply be the ability to pursue happiness… no guarantee of ever actually reaching it. These are such negative statements. I know I have so much more then so many people. I know I need to appreciate what I have. However, I do not believe the human mind, body, or soul works this way. If humans were meant to be satisfied, we would still be living in caves and mating with our cousins. There is always a better way. Always room for improvement. Always a chance to be happier tomorrow than you are today. So I guess deep down I am happiest for each new day. A day to start almost fresh. To put on a new face, a new attitude, and a new zeal for the 24 hours to come. Bring on Tomorrow.



1 Response to "Venting"

Change happens when you make it yourself. If you are bored, you find something interesting to do. If you are thirsty for more, then go find what you are looking for. Life is not about waiting around because while you are waiting, everyone else is passing you by. When you see one negative thing, it is much easier to see other negativities around you. This is true when you see positive forces as well. Equality takes time, equality takes change. The American Dream does exist but it is not for everyone. It is there for the taking for people that want it and act upon it. You are correct, there are no guarantees but if you can honestly believe you’ve tried your best, you will be surprised to see that your dreams as reality has been all along so easy to reach. It’s easy to connect the dots in the past and not the future. Looking back, it’s always 20/20 so why move forward and be the change for yourself :)

Cheer up. The road ahead is rocky but fresh and you can choose the road to take!

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