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Posted on: September 19, 2010

Can you remember the best kiss you ever had? That one kiss that you wish you could relive, that overshadows all other kisses? The scent, the feeling, the taste…

When I ask most people this question, they have a hard time answering. I encourage you to take time to think about yours and why it was so special to you… because I remember mine like it was yesterday.

For that reason, I will never forget this past year’s Fourth of July weekend. Since then, I have been on a secret journey to replicate that moment and figure out why that particular kiss swept me off my feet and blew my mind, even months later.

Could the reason be scientific? A good friend of mine once sent me this interesting article:,9171,1704672-2,00.html. Entitled The Science of Romance, the article discusses the science behind kissing and why we may enjoy lip locking with certain people over others. According to the article, each individual person possess a unique set of chemicals that reacts differently when combined with the chemicals of others through kissing. Long story short, people are programmed to enjoy kissing some people more than others. Read the article if you want a more in-depth description- Cleo is no scientist.

Could this be why my Fourth of July fling gave me fireworks? I’m not sure. Chemicals or no chemicals, I know a big differentiating factor between this kiss and many others is chemistry. Great chemistry can be overwhelming. When I find great chemistry with someone, it’s as if a giant bolt of electricity shoots through my entire body, sending warm, tingly shivers throughout all my nerves- some of which I didn’t even know I had. It’s feverish. I almost feel light headed. I definitely feel out of control. What an amazing feeling!

I find that chemistry often grows as you get to know and like someone. You flirt, share intimate moments, bond. However, how much more amazing is it if the chemistry is mind blowing from the beginning?? Each little touch, every moment of elongated eye contact, stealing scents when no one is watching. Mmm delicious.

Most of my first kisses have been underwhelming. So at a point in my life, I accepted that as the norm. I was wrong- it is NOT the norm.

Your first kiss should make you weak at the knees and leave you thinking about it even days after. When he gently grabs your face for the first time, runs his hands through your hair, and slowly brings his lips to yours, time should slow and your surroundings blur into nothingness. If this does not happen, you may be in for a mediocre, less than exceptional future. Why settle for less?

A first kiss is not everything, but it says a lot and should not be ignored. Do not be afraid to eliminate the bad and keep looking for the great. It is out there- and many times over.

Amazingly, since I started vocalizing my quest for (another) perfect kiss, I have had great success. It is even a good conversation piece to have with a new suitor. It is quite out of the norm to discuss kissing with someone you have never kissed, yet I love it because not only do you make him think and arouse the senses, but I find that it motivates the man to try to top any kiss you have ever had. He becomes more intimate, sensual, and cognizant of his actions. A little manipulation never hurt hehe. Women and gays need to learn how to play to a dominate man’s competitive side. A dash of sugar and spice is a wonderful recipe for passion and fun.

You will increase your chances of finding great chemistry if you not only exude confidence and sexiness, but know for a fact that you are a catch (and a great kisser).

Kissing 101 (the abridged version):

1. Use feeling. Your lips should be used as an outlet for how you feel inside. Taste each other.

2. Vary the pace and technique but make sure you are listening to your partner. There should not be a dominant and a submissive role- teamwork.

3. Go slowly at first, as if tasting something for the first time and gradually pick up speed to show that you enjoy it.

4. Don’t be afraid to nibble a little.

5. Use your hands.

6. Use breathing to symbolize emotion.

7. Don’t be too crazy.

Hopefully these tips help a little (not that you need it, *wink wink*).

I often need to remind myself not to take dating too seriously and to just have fun. I encourage you all to do the same and enjoy the luscious lips God gave you (in a classy way!!).




3 Responses to "Kissing"

Bravo Cleo. Taking a trip down memory lane to my most memorable smootch let me relive the spark and adventure I felt. Good science plug, nerd….I believe it’s the maxillary and mandibular nerves that allows us to “feel” with our lips. Hehe. Medical school comes in handy for some things, but making kissing more romantic is not one of them. Great post…again.

PS Cleo lives at too.

[…] not self-commiserating here. A good friend, Cleo, sparked a discussion about kissing, and it got me thinking about if and when that might happend again. Like an atrial occlusion […]

t’s such a great site. imaginary, extraordinarily interesting!!!




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