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Things I Never Want to Take for Granted

Posted on: September 23, 2010

Running down San Vicente Blvd to the beach.

The Backstreet Boys.

All those times you made me laugh until I cried.

Our spontaneous adventures.

That time you could tell something was wrong and you let me cry on the phone to you.


When you asked “How are you?” and genuinely listened to my response.

When you bought me those roses.

Eating brownies with you.

Having a job.

Having two jobs.

When you wanted to say “I told you so.” but instead you said “Don’t worry, everything will be better in the end.”

When you said my blog post made you think.

Every time when I call, you call me back.

When you said that you think I’m beautiful and didn’t try to sleep with me.

All the men that made a promise they were brave enough to keep.

Body Surfing.


Frozen Yogurt.


That amazing kiss.

Knowing I can count on my friends.

When you didn’t forget my birthday.

When you tried your best.

When you told me you loved me, without agenda.

Staying in and watching movies.

Going out and meeting new people.





When you trusted me.

How we do not need to be together to be connected.

How you make me think.

That day in the future when I fall in love.

How I could keep writing this list forever…


What would your list say?


Luv luv luv,


2 Responses to "Things I Never Want to Take for Granted"

I’m so elated you wrote this list. Funny, I was just pondering the many things that I’ve sacrificed in leaving SoCal, and many are on your list, Backstreet Boys excluded. I do love a good spontaneous adventure.

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