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Posted on: October 1, 2010

I like money. I like going to the nice restaurants, buying trendy clothes, having champagne with breakfast, and living in a clean neighborhood. Money lets you travel, gives you the tools to pursue any hobby, and helps you take full advantage of life. Money can also give you respect, provide you with safety, cure boredom, and buy the face you’ve always wanted. Money does some good things.

Living in LA, money is King. If you want to live here, enjoy the nightlife, dine, hang with the it crowd, buy gas for your car, go to school, date, or do yoga, you need a higher level of disposable income than most other cities.

Recently I watched a movie with some great girl friends called Spread. This movie depicts the importance of money in Los Angeles society, and does it excellently. Ashton Kutcher’s character is a modern day gigolo who uses sex (*hawt*)  to get older, wealthy women to feed, clothe, and house him in luxury. Love, ambition, and a relationship of substance are of minor importance when you can have the Gucci button-up shirt, shiny Porsche, mansion in the hills, and freedom to lay at the pool all day. This “profession” is a very accurate reality in LA… Is it wrong to want a free Ferrari?

Probably the most realistic part of the movie was the non-fairy tale ending. Mr. Gigolo actually falls in love… with a sexy, young female golddigger! Long story short, she picks security and money over their impoverished “true” love. Poor Ashton… Cleo will take care of you *wink*.

I know many women/men who’s main goal in life is to land that rich spouse who will take care of them and leave them with zero financial worries. Big rock on hand = happiness, right? I know big diamonds make me drool…

But what is it about money that is so attractive? Is it the designer hand bags that you could buy in every color? The stature? Not having to work a laborious job? The luxury of being spoiled? My friends and I discussed the other day that what we find most attractive about money are the qualities often needed to attain wealth- ambition, determination, sacrifice, ingenuity, etc. However, we all agreed that these qualities alone are not enough to keep us satisfied long term.

Since the heart of my dating journey began last October, Cleo has had the opportunity to date some very wealthy men. Men with multimillion dollar mansions, men with Farrari’s, men with high disposable income and promising financial futures.  Some of them good-looking, most of them bald. What I found is that money does not equal excitement and can not create chemistry. Without chemistry, I get bored so easily! I find myself daydreaming about the hot waiter while drinking my $100 wine and eating my expensive oysters or not caring that I missed Mr. Seven Bedroom’s phone call.

Not to mention, I find that men with money, especially in LA, feel entitled to have whatever they want. You’re opinion is not a priority. Their marriage is not a priority. Impulse and giving in to temptation take center stage. I’m sorry, but I will pass.

What it all comes down to is the importance of balance. Even if I have chemistry with a homeless man, I am not going to be swept off my feet. We all need to find our own “total package.” That person where in every area, we never doubt or think we are settling. It may take a long time- I know it is still an on-going process for me. Make a choice everyday to enjoy the journey. Of course, part of enjoying the journey is indulging in fancy dates- go for it! Just please keep you’re head screwed on straight (or gay, hehe) and remember that money alone will not buy you happiness. Stay independent and sexy, muah!

Happy Friday,


2 Responses to "Money $$"

I didn’t know you date bald men ;o)

Loved this entry…couldn’t have said it BETTER.
And yes.. Ashton is from Iowa and midwest boys are way hotter!

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