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Staying Levelheaded

Posted on: October 20, 2010

Have you ever had a crush that dominates your waking thoughts? Have you ever been so unmotivated at work or school that even the smallest tasks make you frustrated? These are often the times when those nostalgic feelings for the simplistic life of third grade re-emerge.  Oh wouldn’t it be nice to have your greatest distraction be your math homework.

I love most distractions and anything out of the ordinary. The variety, the excitement,  the reminder that life and love are unpredictable. However there is a fine line between this and being completely unable to control your own thoughts or emotions- the restlessness. I hate the spiraling-out-of-control feeling. What is the cure?

I often use this blog as an outlet for my black hole of feelings. (Thanks for reading!). It’s as if once they are written, the feelings calm and I am clear thinking once again… love it! Unfortunately, there is not always the time, tools, or energy to write. What else an a sufferer do?

Sometimes TV works. Nothing like a good Grey’s Anatomy to make me laugh, cry, and get turned on all in one hour. Reading can work… until two minutes later when I fall asleep. Wine always helps… but I am steering clear of alcoholism.

Recently I have found an even better solution. It sounds simple but it really is brilliant! Get some goals. Get short-term goals, long-term goals, career goals, health goals, relationship goals, and general life goals. The trick is to have goals you are genuinely passionate about. Take time to analyze yourself (and not others for once, hehe). What is it that you really want? If you don’t know, what can you do to find out?

Keep these goals in mind and actively work toward them. Be wary of wavering thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Any intelligent, self-aware follower of Cleo should be able to identify these times of weakness as moments when you feel obsessive, helpless, depressed, or needy. When you feel weak, accept that as normal yet do something to remind yourself of why you are a person of class and great potential. Distract yourself from your distractions.

Remember that you are the sole determinant of your life. There is tremendous power in that so don’t be afraid to use it. Learn to let things go that do not contribute to the big picture of your life. After all, nothing is permanent. Life is bigger than that crush with the great lips or the frustrating assignment in school or the nagging associate at work.

We are all in this together.






1 Response to "Staying Levelheaded"

Grey’s Anatomy gets you turned on? I know why. scrubs = pajamas = bedtime = sex. You’re so formulaic, it’s scary. My scrubs smell like formaldehyde, is that sexy or what?

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