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Posted on: December 27, 2010

Tis the season for unwrapping gifts. Large bows, little bows, striped, spotted, colorful. Gifts are so fun! Thank you to all my lovies that thought of me this holiday season. Much Love! XOXO

To me, the presentation of a gift is important. What condition is it in? How creative is the thought behind the packaging? What level of effort can be seen in the preparation of said gift? Yet, regardless of packaging, I can appreciate all types of wrapping when it comes to material gifts- especially when given from the heart. However…when it comes to men, the wrapping or packaging MUST be appealing.

Today we are going to talk about Man-Wrapping. This is a term I just coined so there are not yet any Urban Dictionary definitions (that I know of). In my dating adventures lately, I have found more and more how crucial proper Man-Wrapping is in determining the longevity of a dating candidate. Sorry grungy men, but only Johnny Depp can pull off dressing like this…

I am all for comfort and individuality. However, if you look like you give off unpleasant body odors, I am going to steer clear. If your facial hair grows in patches, please clean it up. If you have long hair, please wash it. The simple things are overlooked too often.

In addition to the simple things, please find a style of your own. You don’t have to be a GQ model to have style (but if you are then extra points for you!). Here are some easy ways to avoid style mishaps:

1. Ask yourself, what decade is it? Is it 1998? No, it’s not. MC Hammer pants, track suits, thug jewelry, jean jackets, tucked in shirts, and old beanies are no longer (or were they ever?) sexy. It is a sign of social awareness and an ability to adapt to change if you can dress with the times.

2. How old are you? If you are approaching 30 and still wearing backwards hats with baggy, cut-up jeans and walking with a thug swagger in your step, please remember that this style is reserved for high school students and gangstas only. If you are in your 20s but wearing v-neck sweaters, tucked into your fitted jeans with loafers, you’re not fooling anyone into thinking you are “mature” for your age.

3. How do your clothes fit your body type? News flash: girls definitely judge. But hey, we are judged all the time, so it’s only fair. Men are lucky because you have the option of wearing less tight-fitted clothing. You can easily hide your chicken legs with wide legged jeans. You can hide your gut with a baggy shirt or hoodie. If you have a hot bod first, call me (just playing), and be careful in flaunting your physique with clothing too tight or too Jersey Shore-like. Men should not wear “from-fitting” pants, and cut-off t-shirts are only okay when working out or doing a physical activity. Being “metro” is not always a good thing and often a nice way of saying “gay” (unless of course, you are gay, then go for it bitches!).

4. How many other guys are wearing the exact same thing? I cannot tell you how many black button-up shirts with jeans I see every time I go out. Although I like the clean look, its not a good way of getting you noticed if you look like all the other men in the dating pool.

Basically, it is more than okay for a man to care about his appearance. The I-just-showered-after-going-to-the-gym look is always good. Or if you look like this, then this outfit is always encouraged:

Know your body and your personality and dress accordingly. Some gals that are looking strictly for a sugar daddy with let appearances slide altogether, so there is some hope for the fashion-challenged male with a trust fund. However, if that is not you, take that extra 30 seconds to look at yourself before you head out the door. You may be thanking Cleo in no time!

Ho ho ho,


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