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Posted on: January 5, 2011

Driving home from work last night, I was lucky enough to witness a rare and precious moment in time. It was dark out, 11:00pm, few cars on the road. On a mission to get to my destination quickly and effectively, I was dismayed by the red street light. Although no cars were around, I had to deal with this delay in my schedule due to two individuals crossing the street. Pedestrians always screw up my life.

Spacey as I am, I found myself staring at this man and woman (not in a creepy way). As they crossed the street, I could sense their awkwardness towards each other through the glass and metal of my Toyota corolla (that I wished was a BMW).  Walking just ever so far apart, I could easily tell that this was a first date. Although, smiles from cheek to cheek, there was no physical touching or eye contact to be seen. At the street corners, it became obvious that they had to part ways. No kiss, just a warm, brief hug and they were off. The girl walked off in a direction I could not see, but the man, he headed down the sidewalk parallel to my car.

What happened next was just like a movie, but sweeter because it was real. The man did not turn around, but continued walking, staring at his feet, while smiling the biggest smile I had ever seen. And it did not fade. If I had his phone number, I would call him right now and I’m sure he would tell me that he is still smiling. This was such a simple moment in time yet I am so happy I got to witness it. It is not everyday that you get see such pure, unadulterated, genuine happiness from someone who does not know that you are watching… and from a man! By golly, they do have emotions!

There are definitely times when I think dating is hard and I’d prefer to avoid it altogether. As my post, Like a Rock, describes, being numb is often so much easier than facing the instabilities of dating. But, as this innocent couple unknowingly demonstrated, maybe the butterflies are worth it after all.

Maybe it is worth the risk and apprehension just to have a bounce in your step during the day. To have something keeping you from monotone. Why does it have to last forever to be considered a good thing? If in this moment you feel weightless and full of life, it sounds like a good thing to me.




2 Responses to "Butterflies"

Awww, reading this made me smile :)

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