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Posted on: January 7, 2011

I have never taken Adderall but I imagine it must be nice. The feeling of being completely and entirely focused… every cell is aware, active, and functioning. I do not have ADHD (although I have never been tested!), yet so much of my day is spent physically multi-tasking at my cubicle, emotionless, and unstimulated that the effects of that little pill are somewhat tempting. Not many natural things in my life can stimulate every cell in my body.

What is something that can? A really good kiss. The other day (hehe), I noticed how much focus the act of kissing can sometimes inspire. Every molecule in my skin, every muscle, every thought in my mind, and every emotion mesh together, funneling all of their collective energies to my lips (and tongue if you’re lucky, *wink*). No wonder people like kissing. It’s such a powerful act; it almost feels like an out-of-body experience.

As cheesy as it sounds, writing fulfills a void in my life similar to that of kissing. When I write, I feel as if the all energy from my mind, my body, and my heart circulate to my fingertips as I type- the product is the most organic form of Cleo you could find. As the pace of my writing quickens, my adrenaline increases ever so slightly. As the pace slows, my level of focus spikes in order reach that high point again. Every part of me is working together in perfect harmony.

This feeling of intense focus and synergy must be how you know you love something. Absolute consumption. Another reason why I believe drugs are so popular, is because they gives you an easy, yet artificial way of feeling like this.

Many people have told me, “you don’t know what you like until you figure out what you don’t like.” Just as in finding a career, finding a place to live, choosing your friends, finding a hobby, or finding a man (or woman) it takes time to figure out what it is that you love. The quest to find the things that enrich your life is exciting at times and brutal at others. Of course, it is fantastic when you succeed- as if the puzzle pieces of your life are finally beginning to fit together- yet it is frustrating when you don’t and often painful when you think you do but you end up being wrong.

I hope you can find something everyday that captures your entire attention and tickles your senses. Whether it be singing, dancing, travel, shopping, good conversation, great food, dating, reading this blog, your work, helping a child, feeding the homeless, dating, working out, or dating. Be brave and keep trying new things. I hate the days when I am numb and the saddest thing to me is when I see people who settle for numb as normal… and we are way too beautiful to be normal.

Much Love,


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