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Posted on: February 2, 2011

I do not feel normal.

Not everyone has these thoughts.

My mind is racing,

yet I can not pinpoint the destination or the starting place.

Why do I always think about the meanings of things?

Why must there be an explanation?

Why do I feel as though there is never enough?

I am always left wanting more,


I do not feel normal.

But would I actually like to?


I feel suppressed.

So suppressed.

What good is potential if you must always keep yourself in check?

I am always waiting for the next step,

waiting to make the next move.

Why must life be so sequential?

What if you want to just dive in?

Why do I care so much about consequences?

Everyday I wish I had learned more.

Everyday I wish I had done more.


I feel impossible.

I must be the hardest person to please.

How come I never impress myself?

How come I crave to be swept off my feet?

Even giving up sounds hard,

Because I am already so numb.

Being an alien is frustrating.

I wonder what it is like to be normal…



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