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Connecting the Dots

Posted on: February 4, 2011

Remember the Connect the Dots puzzles from childhood? No matter how the picture looked at the beginning, the end result, if done properly, always made sense. Ohhh that zigzag is actually a frog!

I’m not sure if it is my business administrative background, my upbringing, how I was programmed at birth, or a combination of all three but I have so much trouble doing something if it does not make sense. I am logical yet emotional at the same time. Little things such as the location of the printer related to my desk and my boss’s desk, why the paper towels are by the toaster, or the myth that tipping the server $2 less will make you rich, are all things that regularly puzzle me. Just because it is the norm or been done a certain way for a long time does not mean it is efficient, effective, or correct. Kind of like the ban on gay marriage- but let’s not get into that right now, to be continued.

In platonic or romantic relationships, I have always appreciated genuine honesty. Why? Because honesty makes more sense. Honest words align better with honest actions. Dishonest words align poorly with honest actions, and vis versa. That is why I have a low tolerance for those who flake on plans and those who say one thing and do another. It is confusing and unstable.

The first step we can all take toward solving this human issue is looking inward. How honest are you with others and with yourself? Do you really love your job or do you just say you do? Do you really want to hang out Friday night or are you planning on being “sick”? In the long run, being a person of integrity is much more rewarding because those are the people you will attract in your own life. Being rich in quality relationship is the most valuable type of wealth.

Happy Friday,



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