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Does Being In Love Inspire You?

Posted on: February 11, 2011

We all have a routine. Whether you snooze for thirty minutes until you finally peal out of bed, hop in the shower, and book it to work (that’s me!), or if you sleep until the sun forces your eyes open, go for a jog, and have some grapefruit juice, we all start making choices as soon as we are conscious. We chose what we wear, if we smile at the security guard in the lobby, how fast we drive, and how much we day-dream.

But how many of our choices are influenced by our mood? It takes a lot of effort to smile when you don’t feel like it, to listen when you are preoccupied, and to laugh when you feel sad. Most of my day requires me to be positive. I must serve guests and my bosses with a smile and a skip in my step- after all, that’s why I was hired. I must listen, laugh, and care about my friends because I want to keep them around. I must be fun to date because I do not want to end up a spinster cat lady. Thus, many times when my day or my work week ends, I am more emotionally tired than anything.

I’m sure we all know people that we would classify as “bi-polar.” Whether clinically diagnosed or not, these people are cheery one moment and erupting with anger the next. Hot and then cold. Their emotions are like a pin ball machine and being around them is a gamble- you never know what could happen! My theory, as cheesy as it may sound, is that this occurs due to love.

I have a beautiful friend who recently asked me, “Do you think being in love gives you more of a reason to want to wake up and seize the day?”. I would definitely say yes. And, you don’t even need to be “in love” to feel love. Think back to the last time you felt head over heels for someone… the electricity of being close, the passion, the urge to giggle even when nothing is happening. And remember how bright the sun was that day and how vibrant the flowers were? I swear, food tastes better, jokes are more hilarious, and work is more fun when love is present. The little things become so special, like hearing someone’s voice, holding their hand, or simply recalling a recent memory. Sleep is more restful and it is not as hard to wake up the morning. Daily life has flavor and the routine is no longer mundane. You feel powerful and like conquering everything.

If you felt love, would you be as quick to be angry? Feeling love makes me glow too much to be angry.

Knowing this makes me want to be a little nicer to everyone. Like a two-sided coin, with love comes the anguish or absence of love. The lack of motivation to get out of bed, the dragging of your feet from place to place, doing the minimum to get by, and the longing to be numb and just do nothing. The beach doesn’t even look beautiful anymore, the sky may as well be gray. All food tastes like cold oatmeal. Flowers are annoying and overrated. You are always tired. People talk too much. Hate everything.

Love is hard to find and is often, completely out of our control. We all try our best, but not all of us play the right cards or have the same luck. Some of us are not as affected by love and heartache as others… some are better at hiding pain than others. I know that I suck at it! Everyone always knows when I am struggling. What helps me is remembering that we all go through disappointments and we all have down days. The good thing is that these feelings are cyclical and won’t last forever! Talking with good friends helps a lot. What is really important is to spend time everyday reflecting- reflect on who you are, what you want out of love, and why this moment of happiness or sadness is merely a step toward your ultimate goal. That the all-encompassing, body-consuming feeling of good love is worth it. Why would you want to live a life without flavor?? Keep trying. You will find it again. Mommy Cleo says so.

Love you all!



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