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Meditation Word of the Day

Posted on: February 23, 2011


Have you forgiven those who have hurt you and caused you suffering? You know who they are. Could you say it out loud and with conviction to yourself? I forgive [insert name]. Could you say “I forgive you” to their face? Can you say it with an open heart and eyes of compassion?

If you answer these questions genuinely with a yes, you should be smiling. You should feel like flying and dancing. I recently realized how absolutely beautiful forgiveness is. It must be one of the purest forms of human-to-human love. And isn’t life better with a little love?

Much like closure, the concept of forgiveness and forgiving those who hurt us is very important. Mostly it is important for our personal growth, development as adults, and ultimate joy.  All three sound good to me! Take time to listen to yourself and see if there is anyone in your life you need to forgive. You will be so glad that you did. Promise!

Yours truly,

Queen Cleo of Forgiveness and Understanding


Can you forgive yourself?

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