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Man Flavor of the Hour

Posted on: March 6, 2011

My love-late relationship with men comes in cycles. However, I always love the men of Grey’s Anatomy (we all have our obsessions). This week my favorite flavor is Avery. Powerless to his gorgeous eyes, I was especially ga-ga over him this week because of his comments on love and soul mates.

First of all, damn he sexy. I need one more picture before I can continue…

Yum… Anyway, this past week, two teenage patients were “in love” and described themselves as soul mates. Unfortunately, the circumstances of their lives could not allow them to be together and they were completely devastated. I’m sure we all know how it felt when we had our first, big crush. All these new, overwhelming feelings… certainly this must be love! You want each other, need each other, miss each other. Life would not be the same without this person. And then… it ends. That first love is so hard to get over. Will you ever heal and be yourself again?? The good thing is that hopefully you won’t be! You will mature, grow, learn, AND find someone else.

Avery describes to wide-eyed, erratic, unrealistic Lexy that there is no such thing as one soul mate. Assuming you will only ever match with one other person out of everyone in this world is absurd. This type of thinking goes along the same lines as thinking that there will only ever be one job you like, one house you want to live in, one dog you will love, or one amazing vacation. Get real! There is so much more in life than one of anything (with the one exception being your children).

Of course love is rare and hard to find, and if you are lucky enough to find it, you should do what you can to nourish it. However, if it does not work out, it is not the end of love. There is no limit to how much love you can have in a lifetime nor a limit to how many times you may find someone to share it with.

Thus, go forth and fall in love as often as you can (especially with a man like this!).

Love you,



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