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Posted on: April 8, 2011

I want to be conceited. I want to be completely obsessed with myself and no one else. Maybe I could even take myself on dates! Is that wrong? Before you answer, allow me to explain…

I realized over the course of the past year (or ten!) that I tend to have a problem with caring too much. It’s actually very sweet of me but, in a world of survival of the fittest, it does not fly and instead of sweet, it is often referred to as naive. Many times, especially in dating, I instinctually put the feelings of others before mine- what the other person wants becomes more important and their happiness becomes a priority of mine. This is fine until it becomes self-destructive and I begin to ignore my own thoughts and feelings. My reasoning is that I want to avoid a fight and salvage happiness. Not healthy. I’ve said this before but, once I become “attached”, I get all mushy and soft and totally not Wonder Woman like I usually am.

What is with the transformation?? I mean, I am totally a baller and completely amazing, so why do I habitually forget that once attachment sets in? I think it’s a girl thing. A mothering thing. Or maybe it’s just a Cleo thing. Regardless, that is going to change.

1. I am not going to take shit from anyone, man or woman, ever again. This is tricky territory because there is a fine line between being caddy and irrational and sticking up for who are you are what you believe in. I want to steer clear of being a mistaken as a cast member on The Bad Girls Club. The sad thing is, I can’t think of a really strong female role model in today’s society that I want to live up to be. I mean… Rhianna is kinda koo-koo,  Lady Gaga is totally koo-koo, and don’t get me started on Britney, Paris, or Lindsay. Honestly, I only like Selena Gomez but she may just be too young to have messed up yet.

I have made this oath to myself and I say it with 100% conviction. If I feel offended or disrespected, I will vocalize my opinion (always striving to maintain professionalism and class, of course!). An Audrey Hepburn way of handling conflicts. I will not first think, ” I am overacting or being too sensitive?” Whatever! I am not going to be subject to someone’s moods, issues, insecurities, or immaturites (the list goes on…). I can still be sensitive and empathetic to others, but I will not be talked down to, bossed around, or insulted. I am not afraid to be feisty and stand up for my individualism.

2. I will day-dream about myself. When I get bored, I day-dream. I day-dream about anything, but usually about men… eww why?! This needs to stop. I need to think about myself and be a lot more selfish with my thoughts. I am young, charming, and beautiful and I have a ton of things that I would like to accomplish in life. I need to utterly adore myself. Ironically, it is always when I do not care at all about meeting men that I get a bunch of almost stalkers (not that I want stalkers).

I have a lot of beautiful, down-to-earth girl friends and I think we would all be a happier if we were more conceited. Often, we overlook how phenomenal we are and down play our accomplishments. .. let’s not do that anymore. Let’s be Wonder Woman all the time!

Goddess of Power,


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You are everything u said and more and deserve nothing less. Ballerrsssss!!!

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