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Happy Eyes or Sad Eyes

Posted on: May 28, 2011

For those of you who have read some of my past posts, you know that I am really big on eye contact. Really good eye contact wakes up an often dormant part of my soul and pumps a passion into my bloodstream unlike anything else.

I used to use eye contact predominantly as an intimidation method, a way to pretend that I am confident when I did not feel it, or to signify that I am not afraid. Now I use eye contact because I enjoy it. I enjoy the feeling of having a true presence and how much you can learn about someone else if you look hard enough.

My mind is always doing a million things at once. For example, write now I am focused on this post, but I am also listening to the Death Cab for Cutie song playing at Starbucks, visualizing a recent snap shot of a conversation that inspired this post, planning my outfit for after work tonight, and sporadically thinking about sex (don’t we all?).

Not to sounds too analytical, but I find that every time I have a conversation with someone, man, woman, child, stranger, or friend, I unleash my laser-like eye contact and look beyond the words. I may be verbally engaged, but I can’t help but also be intrigued by what your eyes are telling me. Often I like to take a silent moment just to observe and look into someone’s eyes.

Many people are great at hiding their emotions (I am definitely not one of these people), but it is very hard to fake the message your eyes are giving. Sometimes I see bored or preoccupied eyes. Sometimes I see happy, engaged eyes. Sometimes I see tired eyes.

Lately, I have seen a lot of sad eyes. A person could be smiling, talking about a fun memory, or excited about a future event, but in the eyes I see pain, struggle, heartache, and unfulfillment. This makes me sad and I begin to wonder if my eyes look sad too. I want so much to help transform sad eyes to happy eyes. I believe a little charisma, support, and care can do this. Although change is ultimately determined by each individual’s own choices, we could all use a little help when life tugs at our happiness.

I notice that I love being around happy eyes, although harder to find. I feed off of the positive energy and I believe my eyes become more happy as well.

The interesting thing is that both sad eyes and happy eyes are beautiful. Emotions are beautiful. Our souls are beautiful. The way our eyes can communicate that which words can not say is beautiful. How we need each other and how we want to be seen is beautiful. It is beautiful how we all will, at some point, have both happy eyes and sad eyes.

Take time to notice those around you, appreciate the connection, and spread support. There is nothing quite like a pair of happy eyes to make the sun feel warmer, stress lighter, and love not so elusive.

All the best,


3 Responses to "Happy Eyes or Sad Eyes"

I love your writing girl! I’m one those who doesn’t like to show my feelings and I have hard time looking into someone’s eyes because I feel like that person will be able to read me by looking into my eyes……

Great post. Let’s see what you see next time..

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