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My Most Recent Artistic Encounter

Posted on: July 28, 2011

I went to the J. Paul Getty Museum last Tuesday with next big music sensation, Aishah. The experience was amazing, to say the least.

Aishah and I. Chercher la femme.

I have always wanted to be one of those people who is referred to as, “cultured”… but have yet to succeed. I know very little about history, very little about art, and even less about art history! But what is life if you do not try something new??

Taking the tram from the parking lot to the museum entrance, I could not help but ponder about my tiny existence on this planet (but I have no problem with “tiny” and all the adjectives associated: skinny, slim, petite, cute, small).

Stepping onto the golden, marble steps of the museum, the first thing I noticed was the immediate change in atmosphere from the gridlock Wilshire boulevard below, to the light, airy, and nurturing energy of the Getty. Wandering aimless, we opened ourselves up to the opportunity of discovering new treasures, meeting new people, and gaining enlightenment. I encourage you to do this in all areas of your life.

We spent a lot of time at the Gods of Angkor exhibit, learning about the spirituality of other lessor-known, beautiful cultures. My favorite discovery here was the yogini’s, women whose role is to destroy ignorance throughout the universe.

We spent a lot of time annoying security guards into helping us find the infamous Getty Central Garden.

We spent a lot of time meditating with the gorgeous LA skyline in the horizon.

Aishah, before she became infamously known as the Goddess of Song.

Since I was a little girl, whenever I look at classical paintings, drawings, or other works of art, I have trouble understanding exactly what I am looking at and why it is so valuable. Wahoo, a framed drawing of lemons in a bowl! As I said, I am not very cultured.

Oddly enough, what I remember most about my Getty experience is exactly that which I did not understand at first. I can not stop thinking about the painting entitled The Doctor’s Visit, by Frans Van Mieris, 1667.

Initially, I looked at this oil painting and thought, “Why is this here? Why is this so spectacular?” I decided to open my mind. Reading the description, the painting is said to feature a woman who fainted and a doctor that came to examine her (and a vile of her urine). The diagnosis is that she is suffering from love-sickness.

Love-sickness?! Despite a gown and head garment that I would NOT be caught dead in, me, her, and the rest of the present and past world, have something in common. Love hurts! Heartache was considered just as serious an illness as the flu or small pox or syphilis (well, maybe almost as serious). No matter how much we as humans have evolved,  no matter how much of the rain forest we destroy, and no matter how many medical discoveries we make, heartache has and always will exist. It is an unavoidable aspect of living life.

I find that beautiful.

Thank you Getty, thank you Aishah, and thank you art for making me realize that, although this life I lead is unique to me, we ALL are connected through love, through pain, and through life.

I am so tiny!

Lots of love and some love-sickness,




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