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What is Wrong with LA Dating: Part One

Posted on: August 12, 2011

I’m sure there is more than one thing wrong with the dating scene in LA, but some of my more recent encounters have lead me to one concrete discovery. A major problem plaguing Los Angeles is what I call the older, rich man syndrome.

Sitting at Starbucks in my summer plaid dress, red belt, and off the shoulder sweater, I was looking cute (as always). Typing away and working out the details of Cleo’s upcoming Singles Mixer in early October (woo!), I put my head phones in to stay focused and to help avert the creepers from talking to me. As this story will show, this method is not always effective.

Enter scene left, creeper number one, taking a seat directly next to me. Striking up a conversation (despite the headphones) about how he likes my outfit and style, I said, “thank you,” even though I was thinking, “duh.” He proceeded to discuss the amounts of money he makes, the prominent people he works with, how he has never wanted to get married, and how he just loves women and loves having fun. YUCK. I mention, how I always do, that I write a dating blog.

His response: “Well, you should go to dinner with me. Then you could write about every young girl’s fantasy of dating an older, rich man.”

My head said, “What?!?! Since when did I give off the vibe that I like to date men my father’s age?”

Regardless, his statement helped me to solve the puzzling question of why so many more men circa age 50 make passes at me than any other demographic. There must be girls out there that actually go for this. However few or many young girls fall for this older, rich man ploy are creating false pretenses about the rest of us young, beautiful women that do not want to date men double our age. It is NOT a universal fantasy that young women want to be with older, wealthy men.

Sure, I believe that it is possible to fall in love with a man of any age for who he is and how he makes you feel. However, if “old, rich man” becomes your type, then you need to reevaluate your life ambitions and level of self worth.

Therefore, I am asking all you beautiful goddesses out there to keep it classy. Let’s not ruin dating, alone time at Starbucks, or any other moment by creating an inaccurate stigma for what being young and beautiful stands for.



1 Response to "What is Wrong with LA Dating: Part One"

Interesting, u must’ve had him with your business card ;) Can’t wait for part duece

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