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I Pity the Man-Boy that Attempts to Date Me

Posted on: September 23, 2011

It must be challenging to try to tame a creature like me (or any other goddess for that matter). So much so, that I actually feel sorry for those that try and fail. Living in LA, it is impossible for me to avoid all entertainment industry analogies, thus dating me is much like trying to become an A-list actor: many try, but very few succeed.

If nothing else, this is at least how I justify my chronic case of singleness and it honestly does help me sleep at night.

My justification is as follows:

1. Uh, look at me.

2. I am comfortable in my own skin. This can be threatening to those who are not.

3. My smile lights up the room… which also means the whole room is looking.

4. I am constantly growing and challenging myself. If said man-boy is not doing the same, he could be left behind.

5. I have many multidimensional layers. These keep me from being boring but also means I can be bored easily.

6. Vulnerability and caring about someone or something does not scare me and I have trouble respecting those who do not similarly smart risks.

7. I am a cheap date and I like it that way. Your fancy dinners do not impress me if you do not have the conversation skills to back it up.

8. Desperation and I are not friends.

9. I am not afraid of one person dance parties.

10. Well, look at me…

Despite these reasons and the many I did not mention, I do try my best to be approachable. I have never been a fan of the saying, nice guys finish last, because nice guys are my favorite. But if your only good quality is nice, then we have a problem.

Let the dating journey continue,



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