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Screw the Chit-Chat

Posted on: November 12, 2011

When I was in seventh grade, I heard a quote that arguably changed my life. Even to this day, there are times when I can not get it out of my head.

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Sure, talking about how much I dislike her outfit might help me release some tension or commenting on how creepy that man looked me up and down might help me get the image out of my mind, but what is ultimately accomplished?

And yes, I will listen when you tell me what you ate for lunch, how many hours you slept, or how long you talked on the phone to your sister, but what does this really teach us about each other (besides that your thoughts run shallow or that you’re afraid to open up)?

They say life is short, but when you are 24 years old and you feel like you have so much growing up to do, sometimes it feels overwhelmingly long. Life requires so much patience!

But then, when you think about how different life is now from one year, six months, or even two weeks ago, it is true that life goes by fast. My hair didn’t look this good a year ago! ;)

That is why I say screw the chit-chat!! If I have to spend one more date talking about work, college parties we went to, people in the industry you pretend to know, or the VIP hookups you have at clubs that honestly don’t matter, I am going to lock myself in my room and become a modern day Emily Dickinson. At least my poetry tickles my deep-idea bone.

If I freak you out because I want to talk about your greatest fears, the things that make you jealous, what qualities make you interesting and unique, what makes your heart ache, your ideas on the power of love, your passions, what you want to improve about yourself, and your honest opinion of your childhood, then so be it. I can not pretend to feel a connection to you because you have great taste in Italian food or because the last time you cried was 10 years ago. Tell me about the things in life that you would fight for. Tell me why I could learn more about myself by spending time with you. Give me a challenge.

We are different from the animals because we have emotion and intellect. Let’s act like it.

Here’s to being comfortable with our entire selves!



2 Responses to "Screw the Chit-Chat"

Speak it sister! Love it.

100% percent agree… wish more people did, too!

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