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Goddess Gathering at Witzend, Venice

Posted on: November 13, 2011

Once upon a time, there was a goddess named Aishah. She was born in a far away land where the sun never set and the sky never rained. This land had few inhabitants and no spoken language, so one could only communicate with one another through song. The people always hummed and chimed and jingled, and everyone was very happy.

Although passage to this land is off limits to those born elsewhere, Aishah knew the importance of sharing communication through song with other communities. She traveled far and wide to spread this belief. Thus, her arrival at Witzend in Venice, CA was not by accident.

A wave of silenced rushed over the small crowd that had gathered as Aishah approached center stage. This would truly be a new experience. Singing melodies of empowerment, love, and the beauty of self, not a single attendee was anything less than mesmerized. Goddess of Song. Even the statues were dancing.

Closing the performance with spunk and personality, Aishah knew she had done what she came to do. But was her journey complete? Hell no. Next up, Malibu Inn- December 16.

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If you missed this live Goddess showing at Witzend, you are receiving fair warning for the next one. Join Cleo and the other goddesses of the area as we make this world a little more beautiful one day at a time.

Thank you for reading,

Cleo <3

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