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Dating Drawers

Posted on: December 17, 2011

If you are like me, then quite a bit of your wardrobe resides in drawers (or in a pile waiting to be put in a drawer). The problem I have, however, is when I get too lazy or too busy to organize my drawers… I can’t find anything! I have to rip everything out and then I make an even bigger mess. Where is that pink thong I wanted to wear tonight?! I must have missed spring cleaning this year.

Some drawers are good for socks, some for bras, and some for nighties. Many drawers do not have room for shoes, or jackets, or denim jeans. Would you ever try to put your Joe’s jeans in your Victoria’s Secret drawer?

Dating is a lot like organizing your wardrobe. I guess that makes men a lot like items of a closet. They come in many different shapes, fits, colors, sizes, and purposes. Some cost more than others, some last longer, and some are more comfortable. They are all manufactured differently from places across the world. Some you regret and some you could not live without. Some you order online, some are love at first sight, and some were an accident. Some you grow out of and some you keep around as long as you can.

Figuring out which drawer each man belongs in is very important. Shoving the man with the body in the relationship drawer because that is where you want him does not mean he will fit. Folding the sweet guy with the emotions into the booty call drawer could limit his longevity. Putting the flirtatious coworker into the dating drawer may change the material altogether. Putting yourself in the drama drawer may limit your chances of rising to the mature commitment drawer.

When my head is in the clouds, I forget to read the labels, or I even ignore them entirely. If a man says Dry Clean Only, my ego tells me that I can convince him that being machine washed is better because it is more cost effective. When he breaks apart and leaves me needing a new one, I still act as though I did nothing wrong. He should have tried harder to like the gentle cycle.

No amount of fabric softener will turn leather into cashmere. Men are as they are. Learning to classify them properly will be what makes this whole dating thing a little less confusing and disappointing.

But don’t forget, you control the drawers. If you want something to make your wardrobe complete, go out and look for it. Do not let your hoodie tell you that nothing could make you warmer this winter when you know something better is out there.

Good luck lovers!


3 Responses to "Dating Drawers"

I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Keep it up!

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