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A New Occasion to Celebrate

Posted on: April 13, 2012

Last night I went to a bridal shower. We ate yummy food, said nice things to each other, and smiled a lot. The bride-to-be was glowing. There were gifts. We played games. No one was texting on their phone. No one was downing wine to cut the edge.

Love. What a great thing to celebrate.

However, this got me thinking. We gladly come together for the celebration of love, but what about all the other great things in life? What about independence, freedom, maturity, and security of self? These things are just as hard to find as true love and just as crucial in achieving a happy life.

Thus I propose that we create another reason to celebrate. When a relationship ends and a break-up happens, we should celebrate with a Single’s Shower.

This does not mean bring out the cookie dough tub and cry in it. This does not mean drink until you feel okay with drunk dialing your ex.

Being strong enough to leave a relationship that is not healthy takes courage. Knowing when enough is enough takes wisdom. Refusing to settle for less than what you deserve takes discipline. Loving someone enough to let them go takes selflessness. Ending a relationship without drama takes maturity.

Striving to be courageous, wise, disciplined, selfless, and mature is deserving of a party in my opinion!

We shower the bride with gifts to prepare her for the journey ahead and to celebrate her accomplishments thus far. The single gal should receive the same welcome. The close of a relationship is the start of a new chapter just like that of getting married.

Congregate with friends, snack on salad and finger food, drink moscato, reminisce on how much you have grown up, play games, leave your phone in your purse, and party. You are a liberated and independent person. You are complete and whole whether you are in a relationship or not. Do a little dance. Have faith in the future. Open door number two.

To all the brides and future-brides,


4 Responses to "A New Occasion to Celebrate"

Again, as always, right on the money. If only we lived by your words! R

I really like this idea, and it makes sense. Although, it’s SOO hard to get the motivation to look at yourself in the mirror to wipe off the mascara tear stains, none the less throw a party after you’ve gotten your heart broken. But it would do a great job of healing once you get it goin!

great post! celebrate life due the growth of it. progress is happiness, we should not wish for anything more than progress.

very interesting! I have never thought that life should be celebrated not only the happy moments, as difficult and complex situation, it is also moving forward! and in these moments you become stronger!

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