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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Today is Valentine’s Day,

┬áSarcastically… wohoo.

Sugar is sweet,

Kale is bitter,

How can the sun be out,

when it is still winter?

Flowers are pretty,

Chocolate is yummy.

There is a singles party tonight,

For us with no “honey.”

Martinis are strong,

Shots are quick,

Flirting and laughing,

Should do the trick.

Black dress are slimming,

Red lipstick is hot,

Valentine’s Day need not be lonely,

Cleo has taught.

Your eyes are beautiful,

Your smile is charming,

Single and happy,

Should not be alarming.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



We haven’t met yet,

but if feels like I know you.


I could try to imagine what it would feel like,

to shake your hand,

to lock eyes with you,

to share your space,

but I don’t want to if it’s not real,

if I can not reach out and touch you.


It feels like I am already so deeply in love with you,

but I don’t even know what a love like that feels like.


I try not to think about love,

because I don’t know what your face looks like,

or what color your eyes are,

or how you act when you get angry,

or how you breathe when you sleep.


All I do know is that I’m not going to waste time on someone that is not you.

I am happier alone than with someone else.

You are my someone else.


So until that day comes,

when my heart softens,

and my life changes,

I will stay put.


and a little cold.



My envy confides in the strangest things.

Today, a small diamond,

set strongly in gold,

held close by a dainty gold chain,

that does not leave my neck.

This unwavering item does not change shape or form.

She does not wake up in the morning feeling insecure.

Doubt and fear do not attempt to plague her.

Completely unemotional.

Sturdy, strong, and confident.

My diamond necklace shines brightly, every day.

Radiant always.

She believes deeply in the beauty of yesterday, today, and the unknown tomorrow.

If only wearing her would settle

The tearing of my mind and tangles of my heart.

I am splitting down the center, yet she does not move.

She believes in love,

And I am jealous.