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WOW, so much happened in 2010!! I moved, changed jobs, made new friends, kept old friends, spent money, traveled… and of course went on lots of dates! I learned so much this year and am thankful for all of you who followed and supported me along the way.

Cheers to a fantastic year! For me, 2010 was full of many “starting” points. Much of the year was dedicated to pursuing new endeavors and taking on new challenges. Compared to this time last year, my life has spun a complete 180 and only in the best of ways.

I am excited to see how my social/personal investments will pan out in the year to come and what dating adventures we can go on together! In order to be successful, we must not forget what this past year has taught us.

1. My main New Year’s Resolution of 2010 (besides limiting my alcohol content in public, hehe) was to stop being flaky. How can I hate on those who are flaky towards  me when I do the same? No one likes a hypocrite! In past years, I had issues with double-booking plans and committing to things I did not plan on doing. Cutting that behavior out has helped me be a more reliable friend and has yielded similar treatment in return.

2. Writing this blog has helped me to realize the importance of being self-aware. It is not an easy task to accomplish and often it requires getting feedback and criticism from others… which can feel like dry swallowing a pill but in the long run, is very beneficial.

3. Honesty is the best policy. I have always struggled in my ability to directly address confrontation. I get so worried in being misunderstood or considered a “bitch” that I often hold my feelings inside or beat around the bush when something is bothering me. Ironically, it is when I hold emotions in that eventually they build up to the point where I am undeniably bitchy. Ooops! Thus, this brings me to my New Years Resolutions of 2011:

1. Be more Direct. My tendency to avoid confrontation has always made me skeptical that I could survive in a city like New York or Chicago. I love the idea, but I’m always afraid of how people will react. I honestly believe I would have less friends if I said exactly what I thought or felt all the time. Thus in 2011, I am going to practice being more direct. If I approach it as an art, and try to be tactful, yet concise with my words, hopefully I won’t be spending the year counting my losses.

2. Dive into my goals. Well… I probably should work on defining my goals first. I have definitely had more of a “go-with-the-flow” type of attitude towards my ambitions this year. I could blame it on the state of the economy, the position of the stars, or my tarot cards (joke), but in reality I just did not know what I wanted. Someone once told me, “You will never know what you like until you figure out what you don’t like.” I have definitely progressed in figuring this out (especially with men) so this coming year should be a much more defined, purposeful year for me if I keep with it. It’s time to be more active about getting what I want.

3. Be more stubborn. Overall I try to be a very open-minded, flexible, tolerant person. For example, I support most social issues, enjoy trying new things, and love listening to varied opinions on most any issue. Yet when it comes to men, I think I am too flexible. For example, this past year I found that I often became attached to men who refused to have committed relationship- and thus it was something I compromised. Since I have a better idea of what I am looking for, I am going to be more stubborn in order to avoid wasting time and emotions.

What are your New Year aspirations? What would you like to see different about 2011? Invest time in yourself and think about. And then tell me because I would love to hear about it!!

All the Best,