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The busy-with-work excuse is the oldest in the book (once you move out of your parents’ house and the curfew excuse no longer applies).

However, in Los Angeles it seems that everyone is “busy.” We all have jobs, projects, and events. Every week there is a birthday party, premiere, or drinks with friends. When is there time for love?

The secret, behind the “I’m too busy at work” excuse, is the founding principle that we are all capable of making time when we really want to. Those of us that ignore what we really want and do not make time are royally missing out.

Thus, when someone says, “I am so busy with work right now,” in essence they are saying, “I am busy BUT I am also not sure if you are important enough for me to rearrange my schedule,” OR “I am busy BUT I am also playing hard to get to see if you are really interested in me.” For example, just because gluten-free bread is better for you and comes in cinnamon-raisin flavor does not mean you will instantly be convinced to switch out your wheat loaf! People need added motivation when life is so hustle and bustle.

In the world of dating, therein lies the importance of a great first impression. We all do not have enough time to determine interest in another person after five or six dates. Usually all we get is one or two, if we are lucky. However sometimes a great first impression is not enough. Suitable matches can still be overlooked or missed.

I feel blessed to meet a lot of great guys, often. Yet, a challenge to living in LA is the high number of options. You may workout, have a good sense of humor, and like to party, but so do a majority of people living in this city. What is it that makes you and I a better match?

At the beginning, no one knows the answer to this question. All we have is our instinct to guide us. If someone is using the “busy with work” excuse on you, forcing it and blowing up their phone is not going to work! Find a different approach or try having some patience. Things that progress slowly always end up a little better anyway. Instead of rushing that first kiss and half bumping your forehead into her cheek, just wait until the time is right.

I am definitely one of those busy people that makes time for what I want. I like my projects, friends, and spending time with myself. I also want to get to know new people but not to the point of flipping my life upside down or adding extra stress to my routine… until the time comes that I deem you exceptional and worthy!

One of my projects is my LA based mobile app prototype called cLeoGo. She is a social, location-based mobile website that connects venues to users in real-time (use internet explorer on your smartphone). Your social life radar for which bars, restaurants, and cafes are hottest right now. Check her out! This is not a review site and should be only used while you are out. Signing up is free and easy.

I am also running a contest for the month of October where the #1 cLeoGo user and #1 person to refer new users will receive a free, professional car service for 5 hours on Halloween night or any night the following weekend. Treat yourself and up to 3 friends to a VIP evening of spook and spunk.


Welcome to Fall, fall sweaters, falling in love, and falling for cLeoGo.



Thank you! More questions to come.



If you did not attend my Valentine’s Day event, the title totally makes you regret it, huh?!

One definition of the word, orgy, is: excessive indulgence in a specified activity. Although we did not have a sexual orgy, we definitely had a “mingling” orgy.

The night started out great for me when I had tacos for dinner. Thanks Jaz!

Then, arrival at the Redbury Hotel. I had never been to this SBE venue before, but I was pleased to find that it is next door to what used to be one of my favorite gay clubs, TigerHeat.

Proceeding through the entrance, I instantly liked the dim lighting (this time of the year is when my skin is most pale) and elegant ambiance (to help encourage me not to drink like it’s a frat party).

The event was held at the hotel’s Library Bar, which is located upstairs from Cleo Restaurant (ironic). Here, my lovely Cleo followers began to congregate around our designated, VIP-only table where the paparazzi could not find us.

We started as a small group of ultra-hot ladies sippin’ on pomegranate-champagne concoctions while indulging in chocolate treats, talking about sex, describing the men of our dreams, petting each other’s hair, and other unmentionables. Then, as more people began to arrive, the energy picked up and the real games began… details of which are reserved for event goers only, *wink*.

I am proud to say that most of the people at the event were Cleo-induced and definitely the hottest, most fun, and well-rounded of the event were part of the Cleo clan. Thus, my favorite aspect of the night was definitely the crowd. We cleaned up nicely, put a smile on, and seized the idea of creating new opportunities. For that, I am very pleased.

In addition to a great crowd and ambiance, the venue also provided us with some creative and delicious cocktails and food. My favorite was the spicy, It’s Not Me, It’s You, cocktail pictured below.

However, as much as numbers and crowds are a major part of the social life business, I am definitely a quality over quantity type of gal. That being said, I want to raise to the surface the concept of Attendance vs. Presence.

Despite the radiant Cleo girls and boys at the event, some could not have been more disappointing. Why would you go to a singles event to slouch in the corner with a frown on your face and expect someone to come up to you and change your life? If this is you and you are not satisfied with the status of your dating or love life, I think I know why. If all you are willing to do is wait for something to happen, you may as well just stay home and watch Love Actually alone. Cleo events are for the fiery, go-getters of the world. In the survival of the fittest world of dating, attendance is not enough. How much presence do you have?

Stepping down from my soap box, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that did come and show your support for love, Valentine’s Day, and Cleo (and everyone that wanted to). Cheers to us!

To view a complete list of all the best photos and to stay current with upcoming events, please click here or check out Cleo’s Facebook Page.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best! To quote Kelly Clarkson, “It doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”



RIP whitney houston <3

If I had a reality show, we could all watch the clip from a few nights ago of that-guy-at-the-bar-that-was-trying-too-hard… even the valet people outside felt sorry for him.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a thing for bartenders. I’m not even sure why, but my friends could vouch that this is in fact, true. Therefore, if I have the opportunity to eat dinner at a restaurant’s bar as a hot man leans over me to set down my utensils and take my order, I jump on it. It’s much easier to flirt when bartender-man is stuck behind a counter and I can “accidentally” stare at him all night.

This week, my girlfriend and I go to a new place for dinner and there are two lovey bar stools available, as if my Libra stars aligned and reserved them for us. I asked the man to the left if the seat was taken, because I wanted to be polite.

“Yes,” he said. “I was saving it for you.”

Eeerk. Stop there. Now if Ryan Gosling or his look-a-like said this, then no problem! Sign me up for this chair next to you. However,  that was not at all the case and instead sleep-deprived, lanky, overly-eager man who was probably a mathlete in high school made googly eyes at me and I felt dirty.

Thus, I sat my body as far right on my chair as possible to create the greatest amount of distance between us and slightly turned my back to him.

“Are you an actress?” I hear coming from my left. My mind literally debates if the restaurant is loud enough to where I could pretend I did not hear him. Unfortunately, it is not.

“No.” I wanted to stop at that but felt bad and added, “why did you think that?” and a half smile.

He goes on to explain that I give off an actress vibe because I am proper and sit up straight. I say, “Hmmm, that’s interesting,” and I tell him that I am a writer. However, what I am actually thinking is, I wonder if he can tell that I’m praying he stops talking. I turn away as soon as there is a lull, pretending I am thirsty.

conversation diversion

Saved to breathe another moment of silence. Until…

“So what name can I look for online when you become famous?”

I now have to turn a complete 180 to face him, since I was leaning as far away as physically feasible. I strain my neck and tell him how I go by Cleo online (holla!).

Long story short, I avoid further conversation and could not help but wonder how nice to would be if his friend next to him had the balls to say, “hey man, you’re wasting your time. She’s not interested.”

Too often friends stay quiet when they should take a stand and speak out! If your boy is making a fool of himself, save him. Wouldn’t you want someone to do the same for you?

I know I definitely appreciate when my girlfriends warn me when I’m being too flirtatious! Sometimes in a social setting with a little liquid courage, the line between being playful and embarrassing can be a little blurry, at least for me.

There is a site floating around online called Comiingle, where you can help your friends with dating. This is the new way to approach dating online… kind of how unfriending someone on Facebook is the new way to stop dating someone without saying anything.

Comiingle is good because users can get a third, fourth, eighth, or twentieth opinion before having to go on that awkward blind date, meet that girl that used a picture from 10 years ago, or that guy that lied about his profession and income. Friends can also steer you clear of hazardous suitors.

Additionally, Comiingle gives you access to wing-men and wing-women! Despite my misfortune with bar stool neighbor, I was lucky that my girlfriend broke the ice with bartender-man and asked him his birthday so that we could figure out his zodiac sign (Cancer, btw). I was actually not going to spark conversation because I did not feel it was organic at the time and would have been forced. Thank goodness god invented wing-people to give us a shove in the right direction when we feel frozen.

Be a good friend and help your friends out with their dating woes when necessary, even when not asked. And use your resources! That is why Cleo, Comiingle, and all the other dating tools exist. We are here to help.

Mucho amor,


Dry spells are not all bad. Although voluntary dry spells are better than involuntary, we can learn valuable lessons from abstinence.

Testing our willpower shows us our weaknesses. How long could you really go without it? Can you stand your ground even if you can see, feel, and smell the temptation?

There was a time when I had to have it multiple times a week, not because of need so much as of habit. If a guy was not willing to give it to me, I was even willing to pay for it myself!

So, in January, I decided to take one month off. I honestly thought I would only be able to last one week. Unless I locked myself in my house, I assumed the temptations would be too high, accessibility too easy, and my willpower too weak.

However, today marks three weeks of Cleo saying, “no, thank you” to what normally was an automatic, “yes.”

I have almost reached my goal of one month of no… alcohol!!

The best part of this whole experience is that I still know how to have a good time without the influence of delicious cocktails. Although I am looking forward to my next dirty martini, its reassuring to know that fun and drinking are not synonymous.

The other great things include:

1. I do a lot less things I regret the next day.

2. I do not experience hang overs, extreme dehydration, or feeling bloated.

3. I spend less money.

4. I am a cheaper date (not that I am going on any…).

5. My friends appreciate me being the DD.

The downsides are:

1. I crave wine.

2. It is more challenging to be social, especially around other people that are drinking.

3. I am eating more food to compensate.

4. I think some people are avoiding me because generally, water drinkers are not as much fun.

5. I do not feel as comfortable dancing as slutty as I would like.

guilty pleasure

All in all, I find it is important to challenge your habits and do something new. I am trying to think of my new endeavor, so if you have an idea for me, let me know!

one week until cheers,



Love is in the air this January! Well, not for me…

But not only is 2012 the year of the Dragon (rawr), but it is the year of No Cleo Pity Parties, so I’m not complaining.

Instead, I decided to tap into some of the magic that makes me who I am. My matchmaking skills.

Project One:

This was my first ever successful BLIND DATE set up! After a couple of days of mentally perusing my database of hot single friends, I had a light bulb moment. I decided to connect the dots from one group of friends to another and had a good feeling that these two particular people would get along famously. Why? They are both easy-going, laughter-loving, beach city people. They are both open-minded, close in age, close in attractiveness, and not on a rebound from any crazy relationships. Sounded like a good formula to me.

I wanted to plan the date myself so I picked a day, time, and random sushi place- called Matsuda Sushi Bar in Studio City because of its proximity to their homes and local bars. I was also looking for affordability and a casual, yet buzzing atmosphere where one could hold a quality conversation.

Feedback was that this restaurant was a hole-in-the-wall yet quaint venue with friendly staff and average sushi. However, that sushi-man must have done something right because these two both reported back to me with outstanding commentary. How cute is it that they both checked in with me to see if the other person had as great of a time?

They have been in contact since, planned their own meet-ups, and if nothing else, are having a flirtatious, nervous butterflies kind of time. Life is too short not to be giddy.

Project Two:

I can not take as much matchmaking credit on this one. Time and effort was teamed with future comedic superstar, @zachpizza.

The funny thing about this story is, originally, Zach Pizza was going to try to set me up on a date with his friend. I was struggling to get over a guy and he probably thought I was pathetic. However,  potential man had googly eyes for my girl friend. Fantastic! Because if I was a guy (or out of the closet), I would have googly eyes for my friend too.

Thus became blind-double date experiment. This date was less planned out. We randomly went to the Victorian/Basement Tavern on Main Street in Santa Monica. Had some cocktails. I acted a fool. I was kind of in my own world, but I think sparks flew and wedding bells chimed…?

But then, we all got hungry. And I really do look forward to late night eating. So obviously, we went to Swingers.

I love Swingers and I’m not totally sure why. All I know is that I was craving their vegan burrito! And I am not remotely vegan.

Recap from the evening is that everyone had a great time. Love birds hit it off and have been hanging out one-on-one since the Cleo-planned meet up. They may even be together as I type this very post…

All in all, the conclusion is that I rock as a matchmaker. If you want to be next let me know!

I am helping to host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party at Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood for all of us single people who tell ourselves we do not want a valentine. Come with me! Visit my website for details (just click the picture below) and email me to reserve your spot.

You may not have a lover now, but I can find you one.


Cleo as Cupid

Dating a celebrity is hard when the paparazzi follow you every where. Luckily, my boo Trey is worth the hassle.

Before the launch of Culina Restaurant‘s new menu, I decided to organize a double date with my best friend Jaz, her flavor of the week, E, and my baby, Trey. As a general rule, I do not go on dates with different men to the same location, but for my favorite date spot in Beverly Hlils, I made an exception.

I thought a Tuesday night dinner would yield less media attention, but as we neared our destination, the herds of people and camera flashes did not ease up. Just another day in the life of a social icon.

Entering the restaurant, we were greeted by the most beautiful hostesses that Los Angeles has to offer. But my man is so loyal that I did not catch him looking once (I trained him well).

Walking through the main dining room, I can never get enough of the classy, sexy, and vibrant atmosphere. Elegant lighting and gorgeous decor are plentiful- but obviously Jaz and I were the most stunning pieces of art in the restaurant that evening.

We were seated outside on the patio where it could not be more romantic and sensual- just my style! Trey and Enrique’s dark skin tones looked so good, I had to snap a picture.

Yum. I knew what I was going to have for dessert (wink).

We started our meal with some Nebbiolo D’alba and crudo sampler dish. Succulent. We moved on to share Caprino Pizza and Bombolotti Pasta  (screw the no carb diet!). Phenomenal. Next, I made sure to feed Trey some Abbacchio Allo Scottadito lamb chops to keep his muscles big and strong. Delicious.

Everything was going very smoothly. Culina management even came by to check that our dining experience was exceeding our expectations. Next thing I know, Jaz and E get into a heated discussion and all I can hear is,”Maldito mujeriego!!” over and over again. Looks like Enrique is still with Anna. Someone is dead.

Attempting to put the drama behind us, we move on to dessert. This is what I had…

Despite a tumultuous start to an evening with the paparazzi and the drama caused by unfaithful men, Culina, Trey, and Jaz (not Enrique) were the perfect combination of magical. Love is in the air…

Bravissimo! I can’t wait until date number two.

Until next time,