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If you did not attend my Valentine’s Day event, the title totally makes you regret it, huh?!

One definition of the word, orgy, is: excessive indulgence in a specified activity. Although we did not have a sexual orgy, we definitely had a “mingling” orgy.

The night started out great for me when I had tacos for dinner. Thanks Jaz!

Then, arrival at the Redbury Hotel. I had never been to this SBE venue before, but I was pleased to find that it is next door to what used to be one of my favorite gay clubs, TigerHeat.

Proceeding through the entrance, I instantly liked the dim lighting (this time of the year is when my skin is most pale) and elegant ambiance (to help encourage me not to drink like it’s a frat party).

The event was held at the hotel’s Library Bar, which is located upstairs from Cleo Restaurant (ironic). Here, my lovely Cleo followers began to congregate around our designated, VIP-only table where the paparazzi could not find us.

We started as a small group of ultra-hot ladies sippin’ on pomegranate-champagne concoctions while indulging in chocolate treats, talking about sex, describing the men of our dreams, petting each other’s hair, and other unmentionables. Then, as more people began to arrive, the energy picked up and the real games began… details of which are reserved for event goers only, *wink*.

I am proud to say that most of the people at the event were Cleo-induced and definitely the hottest, most fun, and well-rounded of the event were part of the Cleo clan. Thus, my favorite aspect of the night was definitely the crowd. We cleaned up nicely, put a smile on, and seized the idea of creating new opportunities. For that, I am very pleased.

In addition to a great crowd and ambiance, the venue also provided us with some creative and delicious cocktails and food. My favorite was the spicy, It’s Not Me, It’s You, cocktail pictured below.

However, as much as numbers and crowds are a major part of the social life business, I am definitely a quality over quantity type of gal. That being said, I want to raise to the surface the concept of Attendance vs. Presence.

Despite the radiant Cleo girls and boys at the event, some could not have been more disappointing. Why would you go to a singles event to slouch in the corner with a frown on your face and expect someone to come up to you and change your life? If this is you and you are not satisfied with the status of your dating or love life, I think I know why. If all you are willing to do is wait for something to happen, you may as well just stay home and watch Love Actually alone. Cleo events are for the fiery, go-getters of the world. In the survival of the fittest world of dating, attendance is not enough. How much presence do you have?

Stepping down from my soap box, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone that did come and show your support for love, Valentine’s Day, and Cleo (and everyone that wanted to). Cheers to us!

To view a complete list of all the best photos and to stay current with upcoming events, please click here or check out Cleo’s Facebook Page.

Thanks again and I wish you all the best! To quote Kelly Clarkson, “It doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone.”



RIP whitney houston <3

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Today is Valentine’s Day,

 Sarcastically… wohoo.

Sugar is sweet,

Kale is bitter,

How can the sun be out,

when it is still winter?

Flowers are pretty,

Chocolate is yummy.

There is a singles party tonight,

For us with no “honey.”

Martinis are strong,

Shots are quick,

Flirting and laughing,

Should do the trick.

Black dress are slimming,

Red lipstick is hot,

Valentine’s Day need not be lonely,

Cleo has taught.

Your eyes are beautiful,

Your smile is charming,

Single and happy,

Should not be alarming.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Love is in the air this January! Well, not for me…

But not only is 2012 the year of the Dragon (rawr), but it is the year of No Cleo Pity Parties, so I’m not complaining.

Instead, I decided to tap into some of the magic that makes me who I am. My matchmaking skills.

Project One:

This was my first ever successful BLIND DATE set up! After a couple of days of mentally perusing my database of hot single friends, I had a light bulb moment. I decided to connect the dots from one group of friends to another and had a good feeling that these two particular people would get along famously. Why? They are both easy-going, laughter-loving, beach city people. They are both open-minded, close in age, close in attractiveness, and not on a rebound from any crazy relationships. Sounded like a good formula to me.

I wanted to plan the date myself so I picked a day, time, and random sushi place- called Matsuda Sushi Bar in Studio City because of its proximity to their homes and local bars. I was also looking for affordability and a casual, yet buzzing atmosphere where one could hold a quality conversation.

Feedback was that this restaurant was a hole-in-the-wall yet quaint venue with friendly staff and average sushi. However, that sushi-man must have done something right because these two both reported back to me with outstanding commentary. How cute is it that they both checked in with me to see if the other person had as great of a time?

They have been in contact since, planned their own meet-ups, and if nothing else, are having a flirtatious, nervous butterflies kind of time. Life is too short not to be giddy.

Project Two:

I can not take as much matchmaking credit on this one. Time and effort was teamed with future comedic superstar, @zachpizza.

The funny thing about this story is, originally, Zach Pizza was going to try to set me up on a date with his friend. I was struggling to get over a guy and he probably thought I was pathetic. However,  potential man had googly eyes for my girl friend. Fantastic! Because if I was a guy (or out of the closet), I would have googly eyes for my friend too.

Thus became blind-double date experiment. This date was less planned out. We randomly went to the Victorian/Basement Tavern on Main Street in Santa Monica. Had some cocktails. I acted a fool. I was kind of in my own world, but I think sparks flew and wedding bells chimed…?

But then, we all got hungry. And I really do look forward to late night eating. So obviously, we went to Swingers.

I love Swingers and I’m not totally sure why. All I know is that I was craving their vegan burrito! And I am not remotely vegan.

Recap from the evening is that everyone had a great time. Love birds hit it off and have been hanging out one-on-one since the Cleo-planned meet up. They may even be together as I type this very post…

All in all, the conclusion is that I rock as a matchmaker. If you want to be next let me know!

I am helping to host an Anti-Valentine’s Day party at Cleo Restaurant in Hollywood for all of us single people who tell ourselves we do not want a valentine. Come with me! Visit my website for details (just click the picture below) and email me to reserve your spot.

You may not have a lover now, but I can find you one.


Cleo as Cupid