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My favorite types of people have always been the ones that shock me. The more witty, insightful, wild, poetic, or vulgar you are… the more I probably like you. I possess an inherent dislike for all things boring. If you are not grabbing my attention, you are probably losing it. No wonder why I love the gays!

As with everything however, there must be a balance. Please do not shock me by how much you can talk, how rude you are, how bad you smell, or how many of my texts you can ignore. I tend to steer clear of the shockingly passive-aggressive or overly-argumentative people as well. I just want to have fun.

Even with all the ways in which you can get to know someone, it is still a challenge to deduce exactly what type of person a friend, lover, coworker, booty call, or neighbor may be. An individual may be fun and witty, but add two-faced and manipulative to the mix and I will put you in the trash pile. (Have you seen the TV show Hoarders? Bam! Here today, gone tomorrow).

We all go through phases and we all [are supposed to] grow up from time-to-time… Lord, do I know this! By no means do I expect perfection.

I am a person that likes to take career risks, love risks, and to embrace creative projects. I do not want to limit myself to a few skills or memories, I want many! As exciting as this is, it is almost just as fun to see how the people in my life respond.

When toying with an idea I am unsure of or debating whether or not to make a change in my life, there are definitely some people I can count on for endless support. There are others that will provide great perspective. There are some that will have virtually no input. However, it is always shocking to me to see who the negative, doubtful, and discouraging ones are.

This is when I decide that there are people I would rather just keep secrets from. I always feel obligated to be 100% honest when someone asks, “What’s new?” or, “How are things going?” I hate generic, one-word answers. BORING. I want to tell them exactly what is going in my mind, what new endeavors are happening, why I think I’m in love, and what my dream was about last night. Nonetheless, it is true that replacing my impulses responses with mundane answers such as, “Good, you?” are necessary at times.

This little open book is becoming more selective. Inclusion into the secret Cleo club is by invitation only.


I encourage you to be choosy in who you allow to participate in your inner life. Having secrets can be fun and can help keep you on track to happiness.

Sincerely Yours,


I grew up as an athlete and still carry the same “hard-core” mentality to this day. I do not claim to sit at the top of the bad-ass pyramid, however I dabble in my fair share of physical challenges and can keep up with some of the best.

Despite the half-marathons, ocean swims, and Equinox circuit workouts, the concept of a Mud Run has always interested me. What is not fun about getting dirty and tackling people? Or maybe hiking a mountain would be fun (but only with a guarantee of zero snake encounters). I have other friends that enjoy rock climbing, riding motorcycles, running ultramarathons, or going on wacky juice diets.

As much as I understand the appeal of a good challenge, I can not help but wonder if maybe we are all crazy. Life is already one huge obstacle course! What sense is there in adding MORE?

Living in LA has many challenges of its own. I plan my schedule around rush hour traffic, know that discovering street parking is close to a miracle, find that most people are rude unless trying to get something out of you, frequenting trendy bars and restaurants gets pricey, and most of the hottest men are gay.

Sculpting the body you want is a challenge. Getting over your first love is a challenge. Smiling while at work is a challenge. Being an entrepreneur is a challenge.

Not to mention that DATING is one huge challenge.

So why do we even try? Why don’t we all just eat brown rice and chicken, walk around the block, watch TV, and live alone forever?

Oprah would not accept this of you. This is not living! Being safe and mechanical is a waste of your amazing human brain.

So I am going to stop watching the Mud Run of Love from the sidelines. I am going to stop running circles on the treadmill of the same men. (Can I get an amen?) I am coming out of my dating comma even if that means I need to start online dating, hitting on guys at the gym, burning incense, or praying.

I am currently accepting blind date proposals from trusted sources.

Good luck to you!


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Sometimes I feel like a big Loser (note the capital letter).

I get caught up in country songs and try to apply them to my life. I want a Prince Charming of my own and I want him to have a big “horse.” I believe you could love me because I am the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. I give second and eighth chances because some people just need more time. And I really mean it when I say I miss you, so it extra sucks when you do not feel the same way.

I feel like a loser because so far my track record is full of endings! Oops! I look forward to things like napping, chai tea lattes, and a good cry. L-O-S-E-R.

But when I look at myself in the mirror, all those feelings melt away. And then it all comes rushing back to me and I remember how smart and successful and fun I am. So obviously I am not the loser, all those other men are!

For some reason I have never been afraid of the “L” (as in Love) word. If it is something I feel, then I am more afraid of not saying it. I can usually handle the rejection because I have so much love to give that my love now is most likely not my last. Unfortunately most people are not this way, so I guess I am a little bit scary! Loser times two.

However, I can not help but wonder if maybe I am just dating the wrong gender. I am pretty sure that my expressions of love and sweet gestures would sweep any lady off of her feet and we could listen to Brad Paisley together and buy “horses” together and talk about feelings and menstruation.

So maybe I am just a Loser because I am not in Love with a Lesbian?

(As a side note, I am fully aware that this post may scare off all men and I am okay with that.)

Do not stop fighting for love ladies and gents because if you do, my chances of finding it are much lower.

Thank you,


Why not a lesbian? Because I know I can not give up having large muscled shoulders pinning my body down into submission. I think that is reason enough.

Despite the social struggles and stereotypes that gay men must battle in their lives, I am starting to realize that there are some definite perks!

1. Less defined relationship roles. In straight relationships there is a man role and a woman role. Generally and briefly summarized, the man role is to court the woman (plan dates, pay for dates, ask personal questions, try to have sex before she is ready, try to avoid a relationship after she is ready). The woman role is to go along for the ride (be approachable, agree to dates she may or may not be interested in, look sexy, attempt to put off sex so a man respects you, not call him when you want to so you don’t seem needy, try to avoid the relationship talk even though you desperately want to, be a lady on the streets but a freak in the sheets). In a gay relationship, submissive-aggressive, woman-man roles are not as necessary (although they definitely still exist). Yes there are tops and there are bottoms, but there are also versatile gays! We could be equals!

As equals, it becomes a pleasant surprise when a man buys you dinner.  After all, Cleo does make her own money, so why do I consistently let men cover the bill? Because that is one of the few ways a straight men shows he cares about you (or cares about sleeping with you). I would gladly treat to a few dinners if that means straight men will be more emotionally expressive! Meet me halfway bug-a-boo. As equals, both members would make thoughtful gestures, do things just to make the other smile, plan dates, feel obliged to attend dates, cover the bill, feel comfortable taking control in the bedroom, be emotional yet realistic, talk about having a relationship, and understand each other better.

2. Greater sex drive. This may be more of a personal problem, but sometimes I feel so a-sexual. I honestly have trouble finding most men sexually attractive upon a first encounter. Why must I need that emotional connection? Maybe if I was gay I wouldn’t need one as much! I am joking a little bit about this because I enjoy being picky and I know many gays that are just as picky or more, but it would be nice not having to put so much time into a man before the lust surfaces. I guess I will just wait until I am a cougar, rawr.

3. Same wavelength. I am realizing more and more how differently straight men and straight women think. Two gay men must understand each other better! I am way too complex and difficult for my own good. I would love to be a gay man and be a little more visually stimulated, simple, and better at climaxing.

This post is a lot more sexual than intended… maybe I should stop listening to R&B while I write! Holla!

Basically, I love all the gays in my life and am happy that I can learn a thing or two from non-traditional relationships. Hopefully the rest of the world will catch up soon!

Love you,