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Some Things Really Are Better Left Unsaid

Posted on: April 2, 2012

Inspired by a recent horrific date encounter, the following is a list of things a man should never say to a woman, especially upon first meeting her! All phrases are true and come from personal, first-hand experience.

1. “I could find 50 girls in this bar to sleep with.” (gross)

2. “I’m really good at making girls feel comfortable enough to have a one night stand.” (douche bag)

3. “I had a bad experience with going down on a girl before, so I don’t do it anymore.” (selfish)

4. “My ex-girlfriend and I did every sexual thing imaginable.” (baggage)

5. “This is a picture of my ex, isn’t she pretty?” (wtf?)

6. “I haven’t been tested for std’s in a couple years.” (never touching you)

7. “You’re a prude.” (I just don’t like you)

8. “Three drinks is not a lot. Have one more.” (still not sleeping with you)

9. “I don’t like wearing condoms.” (ever?!)

10. “I can tell you orgasm nicely just by looking at you.” (who are you??)

11. “I don’t believe in marriage.” (wait until you’re bald and fat)

12. “My girlfriend doesn’t know that I have a crush on you.” (then stop)

14. “Why didn’t you answer my last 7 texts?” (leave me alone)

15. “I think your friend is a catch.” (then date her instead)

16. “Send me a picture of your toes.” (no)

17. “I’ve slept with more people than you and your roommate combined, times two.” (I wouldn’t tell anyone else that)

18. “I have gotten my last 4 girlfriends pregnant.” (are you serious??)

19. “Sex should happen first to determine if we have chemistry.” (now I know that we don’t)

20. “I can’t believe you are with me. You are going to break my heart one day.”  (grow some balls)

If anything similar has been said to you, than you know how I feel. This free speech thing we celebrate sure leaves room for endless possibilities.

Striving for the best,



6 Responses to "Some Things Really Are Better Left Unsaid"

number 20 is my fav

Amen! This is a very good list. I am certain a few men have said some if this to me.

As a PUA(pick-up artist) skilled in the art of seduction,I’m gonna give my critique of your list:

#1 & #2 are solid things that PUA’s would say.At the end of the day:PUA’s know that women are innately attracted to assholes and guys who say things contrary to what weak/normal guys would say.

#4 is bullshit.I don’t see why any chic would view that as baggage.

#7:”You’re a prude”.A line like this is what we call a “Neg” in the seduction community.We advocate men to say stuff like this since it let’s the woman know that you’re not out to please her and kiss her ass.

I’ll give my other critiques later on.

its what the PUA’s use to separate the women from the girls. but to those WOMEN, “shame on you” goes out the window now, can’t be fooled twice. #liveprogress

I once had a gentleman show me how many belt loops he had gone down in the past 3 months… it was a first date. Another time a gentleman peed in the bushes on our second date… sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Awesome post, this made me die laughing.

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